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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. -- I would like my school to have a Title IV compliance review.  What's it likely to cost?

A. -- Contact me at or call 205 249-5453 for a quote.

Q. -- Why would I want a compliance review?

A. -- You're paying for 30+ years of experience, a law degree, a valuable resource for the future, and room and board for my dog while I'm away.  And, in most cases, I'll save you a lot more money than you pay.

Q. -- What do you provide in a compliance review?

A. -- You will get a written report of findings at the exit conference, which will list all findings of non-compliance, with names of students and details.

Q.  -- Anything else?  Ideas for making more money, perhaps?

A. -- Sometimes.  Depends on what I see.  

Q. -- Suppose I want you to write our program review or OIG audit response.  What's it going to cost?

A. -- That varies too much for me to be able to answer.  Send me the report and I'll give you an estimate.

Q. -- Can I send you a retainer and just call you to ask questions sometimes?

A. -- I'll do better than that.  No retainer.  Call me whenever you want, and I'll just send you a bill each month that you ask me to answer a question or do anything else.  15 minutes is the minimum, and it will cost you $43.75.  After 15 minutes, it's $175 an hour.

Q. -- Can you appeal a final program review determination, write the briefs and all that?

A. -- Yes, of course.  I've written lots of briefs and appeals.  I've even been known to cite administrative case law in program review responses.  Few things are more fun than smacking a program reviewer right between the eyes with some case law!

Q. -- We've been placed on reimbursement.  Can you be our reimbursement agent?

A. -- I can't do that, because I'm on the road a lot and you will need somebody to work your packages at once, not when I get back home.

Q. -- I don't think we need an on-site compliance review, but I would like to be sure we're doing our Return-to-Title IV correctly when students drop out.  Can you help with that?

A.  -- Sure.  Make copies of 10 recent drop files, send them to me or provide electronic access to them.  I'll review the catalog and the files and will tell you what's wrong with them.  Contact me for a quote.

By the way, you're wrong about not needing an on-site review.  If you aren't sure about your R2T4 calculations being right, I can guarantee you there is a bunch of other stuff that you're not sure about.

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